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La Casa di Evita is a bed and breakfast in Carini noted for its sophistication, originality and its strong Sicilian cultural identity.

Ideal for those who want to stay somewhere out of the ordinary, La Casa di Evita bed and breakfast is located a short walk from the old town of Carini (province of Palermo) in a strategically interesting location. In fact, it is close to many of Palermo’s beaches (Capaci, Terrasini and Balestrate) and a few kilometers from the Falcone Borsellino airport and the city of Palermo.
La Casa di Evita is also charcterized by its private art collection that has found an ideal setting. Giusy’s son, Vincenzo, has made ​​an essential contribution to the creation of the bed and breakfast – he is the talented developer of every room and space, guided exclusively by the demanding and refined taste of Evita herself. Together they transformed the property into a luxury accommodation without the help of architects, interior designers or skilled workers.

La Casa di Evita is therefore a place that oozes heterotopic Art and Design where the guests not only have a contemplative relationship with the art but can live it in every detail as if in a dream. La Casa di Evita offers more than a comfortable lodging; it provides services designed to meet the many needs of travellers.

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Here are some good reasons
The best accommodation in Carini;
The only structure that offers a real typical Sicilian buffet breakfast;
We speak English correctly;
We are a B&B but we offer the quality of a Hotel;l;
Personalized tourist itineraries;;
Special offers for companies and professionals.

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