A Mediterranean style breakfast is included in the price of accommodation: milk, tea, coffee, Sicilian cakes, fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade bread prepared with u criscienti (sourdough), fig honey, butter and jams served in handmade ceramic bowls. Of the highest quality and above all in large quantities is how we love to make it. The distinct character of Sicilian cuisine, which has a true cultural identity, is already apparrent in our breakfasts. Sicilians give a precise value to this moment, whether it be at home or the bar, as if all the energy to face the day could be derived from it, and afterall “aurora aurum in ore habet” (the early bird catches the worm).

Breakfast is served by the hostess Evita from 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning and left at guests’ disposal so that it can be consumed and enjoyed without the imposition of a set wake-up time. On both floors there is a kitchen-living room area. The 1st floor has a balcony which forms a closed porch area, while the 2nd floor balcony is open yet somewhat private thanks to a wall of creeper plants.
All balconies of the house are decorated with colored vases of fragrant flowers and enriched with white pine cones of the finest craftsmanship from the Evita collection.

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