La casa di Evita is composed of 9 bedrooms comfortably furnished and cozy: the furniture, the colors chosen and the accessories and embellish each room bears the name of a work of the author in it exposed, thereby giving it a strong character but at the same time delicate. Illuminations, decorated with applique, ceiling and terracotta panels are signed Maria Grazia Bonsignore of “Art Workshop Elisa Messina” while the paintings are works of contemporary artists Maurilio Catalano, Gaspare Galati, Giuseppe Marchese, Vito Gurrado. This has made the work graphic Lotus Flower exclusively for Evita and finding her inspiration, is a tribute to Eva, to creation, to the woman.

All the works on display are the exclusive property of Giusy Evita Musso, whose collection has been enriched over the years according to a personal taste and particular admiration towards the artists who gave birth to her native land: Sicily. The works were made accessible so that not remain an example of elite collectors.


Words encompass thoughts, poetry encompasses music, and if there is artistic value in writing them, it is possible to reach the highest values ??of religious aesthetics.

Cit. Gabriele Mandel

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Pianeta da Scoprire

Even when the planets collide, from the chaos a star is born.

Cit. Charlie Chaplin

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The Nympha (Amalthea) picked the horn up, ringed it with fresh herbs, and took it fruit-filled to Jupiter?s lips.

Cit. Ovid, Fasti V

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Mongolfiere (suite)

But the navigator Maurilio, small in age, great in courage, with his baroque marine has to raise a temple to the thought of a beautiful day, to that thread of breeze that will always tell him, enlightening his nose and whiskers, the favor of the wind.

Cit. Alfonso Gatto

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Spring with all its beauty clothes those gardens with splendid mantles;
the morning crowns them with colors of gems and they are embalmed by the zephyr’s breezes at dawn and dusk.

Cit. Abd al-Rahman of Trapani

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They believed that the ancients imagined coral as “Chrisa-ore,” generated from the blood of the wound inflicted on Medusa by Perseus.

Cit. The myth of Ulysses in fresco painting of the sixteenth century Italian

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Sicily is the land of oranges, flowered from the soil whose air in the spring, is pure perfume … But what makes it a land necessary so necessary to see and unique in the world, is the fact that from one end to the other, it is a strange and divine museum of architecture.

Cit. Guy de Maupassant

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Knives sliced a small cathedral in the lemon, the concealed apse, opened, revealed acid stained glass, drops
oozed topaz, altars, cool architecture.

Cit. Pablo Neruda

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We are the unwritten history, we live for the love of one who has saved us.

Cit. Cartel Carriage Museum Cinisi

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