Mongolfiere (suite)

The foyer of the suite with the silk painting of Hot-Air Balloons, by the artist Maurilio Catalano from Palermo, anticipates a bright and cool room, which is among the most spacious. The azur blue wall recalls the color of a summer sky and revokes the human landscapes of the Mediterranean while the glass desk, with its simple geometric design, reveals an old map, making the guest feel like a world traveler. The black and white contrast does not weigh on the eye and the bright red cushions on the chair by the desk gives a touch of elegance and luxury, the expression of a natural talent for interior design that sets Evita apart. In the room there is another work of art of fleeting beauty, which expresses more than any other the cultural-artistic message of Evita’s Home: it is the canvas of a Lotus Heart by the artist Vito Gurrado from Bari.

The room has a private bathroom, salmon in hue, complete with its own bath-tub. The space is further embellished with accessories and authored postcards with relief decorations from the Belle Epoque. Inside the suite, you can also make use of the minibar.


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